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Vedas vs Science

This section highlights about Vedas: the unexplored ocean of knowledge vs Science: Born Yesterday

Vedas are the first source of wisdom & literary excellence!!

Vedas can be traced back to bygone ages when philosophy was the only source of paramount knowledge and this can be credited to the most prominent and literate noble men of that time. Vedas are not only a great source of life wisdom, but they also are an excellent example of literary excellence as acclaimed by people from all over the world.

Science has shaped our lives by giving us a sustainable tomorrow!!

Science, on the other hand, has been a vital source of reason and the study of life's most important explanations sought out for generations. Science doesn't only contribute to our existence but it also makes our life easier.

Contrasting or Completing each other?

Vedas and Sciences have kept complimenting each other for several years. Certain resources cite examples from the Vedas that reason the scientific questions asked by experts since years.


Vedas: the unexplored ocean of knowledge

The Vedas have science as integral part of the religion and the ascetics and Seers who have contributed were tireless Seekers of knowledge and wisdom. The Vedas constitutes the principal source of ancient wisdom and the Upavedas and Upanishads are an integral part of the Vedic texts.


Science: born yesterday

Science had glimpsed the unified field described in ancient Vedic science. The knowledge of the science in our Vedas has been discovered by modern science during just the last few years, but the complete knowledge of the unified field (in Vedas) has always been available in the Vedic literature.