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Feel like you still don't know enough about his holiness? This section features a list of the most widely asked questions about him.


Answer Dera Sacha Sauda is a social welfare & spiritual organization that preaches and practices humanitarianism and selfless services to others. The organization welcomes people from diverse backgrounds and fosters among them a sense of unity. It emphasizes humanity & spiritualism, promoting the message of harmony among people of different castes, creeds and regions. The main center of the ashram is located in Sirsa (northern India).

Answer The main ideology of His Holiness revolves around spirituality, earning widespread renown among those in search of answers to life's mysteries. His Holiness has been instrumental in guiding individuals towards the transformative path of the 'light of meditation,' which is deemed as the rightful route to salvation. To embark on this spiritual journey, three essential principles are to be embraced: i) abstaining from drugs and intoxicants, ii) adopting a vegetarian lifestyle, and iii) observing celibacy before marriage and upholding loyalty after marriage. Through these sacred teachings, His Holiness strives to lead individuals towards a deeper understanding of themselves and the path of spiritual enlightenment.

Answer Guruji's teachings have the potential to bring about a profound transformation within you, guiding you towards a greater self-awareness, inner peace, and spiritual growth. By embracing the principles of His teachings, such as meditation, abstaining from harmful substances, adopting a compassionate lifestyle, and practicing loyalty and celibacy, you may experience a positive shift in your perspective, behavior, and overall well-being. His wisdom and guidance can lead you on a transformative journey towards becoming a more enlightened and evolved individual.

Answer The sole purpose of a Guru is to guide people and ultimately liberate them from the endless cycle of birth and death. In the same vein, the humanitarian initiatives undertaken by Guruji aim to serve humanity and build a connection between people and the divine. Devoting every moment of his life, Guruji's actions are dedicated to the well-being of all.

Answer Saint Dr. MSG is widely recognized for his humanitarian initiatives worldwide. In the fields like education, healthcare, Social welfare, disaster management, and many more. With his inspiration, Dera Sacha Sauda volunteers are carrying on 150+ welfare works in over 100 countries. These initiatives are making a tangible impact by saving lives, prompting environmental awareness, and providing access to essential services. It indeed contributes to positive change, fostering sustainability and empowerment within communities and individuals globally.

Answer The soul is a departed part of the Almighty, but it is with His own will that we are here. Our ultimate goal is to reach back, and saints are the spiritual guides that make the souls aware of this reality and guide them back to their creator.

Answer The latest series of teachings can be viewed in the media section of our website, providing you with easy access to valuable insights. Additionally, we have made the teachings available on YouTube, ensuring that you can watch and engage with them conveniently across platforms.

Answer His Holiness, Saint Dr. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan widely known as Saint MSG, is a revered spiritual saint with extensive experience in meditation and unwavering dedication to social service. Emphasizing the significance of aligning spirituality with contemporary times, His Holiness has made profound spiritual teachings more accessible and comprehensible. A central aspiration of His Holiness is to combat social evils and lead individuals towards their best versions through His selfless service and boundless love, His Holiness has earned the affectionate title of a father figure from millions of people in India and beyond.