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DEPTH Campaign

Stuck between the golden crescent and golden triangle of Illicit drugs production, India - the fourth largest economy is now suffering due to highest drug consumption in the world, with an active 11.2 millions opiate drug users and 36% of total population in slightly drifting towards drug abuse. More than 60% of all illicit drugs seized in India are from Punjab as the most addicts are between the age group of 15 to 35 and many are observed to be unemployed.

India is a "new home to drugs" with largest number of opiate users confirmed by UN's recent drug report 202

Rapid increase in opiate drugs

India is one of the most powerful economies and this rapid increase in economics growth is attracting attention of not just business sector but of the drug dealers as well. We don't have just a growing GDP but also growing drug abuser population. It is observed to be a "strategic cold war" or narco-terrorism against the nation as the drug abusers are of a specific age group, mainly youth. Drug abuse is a pervasive phenomenon in India society. The rapid changes in time and world are also responsible for changing mindset in Indian youth. The illicit drug abuse among youngsters between 18 to 20 (22.7% of population) with the highest rate in youth of 21 to 25 (21.5%) with Punjab at the top and then U.P, Delhi, West Bengal, Manipur and Bihar. Most of the drug users are observed in areas with highest population in India or in the states which have a greater proportion of share in India's GDP. So it can be concluded it is a targeted strategy against nation's future. The youth indulged in drugs are ignoring their own lives and nation's future. It is also observed by the NCB that the number of drug abusers have increased rapidly since 2017 and is highest in 2022.


Strategic cold war against nation

A society with aimless, unhealthy and distracted youth wouldn't be able to survive for really long. So, it is important to focus on the problems arising in our society. Dera Sacha Sauda is working for the betterment of society under Saint Dr. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan 's leadership. This socio-spiritual organization not only aims youth rehabilitation but is also actively participating in women and child development initiatives along with nature campaigns, economic welfare and spiritual learning.

Dera Sacha Sauda's Rehabilitation program is a guaranteed method for de-addiction that has been successful on 65 million people, since 1948 and is continued by the present Dera chief. The numerical figures are quite surprising for the world but it is true that 65 million people have pledged not to consume drugs, alcohol and other intoxicants for healthy and better lives and nation's future. It is observed that they are true to their words. In June 2022, Dera Sacha Sauda followers organized various rehabilitation programs where over 5,00,000 people came forward to give up drug addiction and learned a better way of living with method of meditation taught by the spiritual leader. They were taught how they have to continue their lives without even getting close to drugs and when they returned to their routine, people with high drug consumption were observed so that they wouldn't get back to their addictions. At start, it is a bit tough but with time, it gets easier for them to live peacefully and in November 2022, they are observed to be a lot more healthier than before. This drastic change is important for the rest of the society as well, as it gives a message that "it is possible to live a peaceful life without any addictions". In October 2022, Saint Dr Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan renamed the previous campaigns as DEPTH (Drug Eradication Pan- India Through Health and Meditation) which millions of people have joined within just 20 days.


 A Saint's Life Purpose

The world and every single creature present within this God's world is a saint's concern. A saint dedicates his entire life for everyone's wellbeing and every single problem concerning this world must be solved. Every problem requires a higher degree of understanding, so the logical question is that why can only saints do this? Saints are the only one who care for every single thing within this world and outside it, a minor change can vary the whole outcome. Ordinary humans in totality don't even care for their own species, then how can they be trusted to take a decision which concerns everyone's well being, the nature, the creatures and the rest of the universe.

So it is only saints who can love and care for everyone unconditionally and their higher observation and understanding never ignores anyone. Their decision are best in response to the problems arising in the present and the problems which will arise soon with these. They aware the world and people so that the supreme species (humans) can take the best decision for all. Saint never takes anything in return for the love and care they bestow on the world. It is humans who have a monetary mind and quantify even someone's welfare in terms of monetary figures.


How does Method of Meditation help in Deaddiction?

Every single drug has a variety of effects on body and can vary from person to person depending on their physical and mental health. Apart from these  drugs affect one psychologically, which makes him unable to trust his or her own conscious mind. Most of the medicines specifically work on brain, the same goes with the illegal drugs. These too control the brain and send wrong signals to the brain. Scientifically it is observed that a person who consumes high dosage of drugs can even end up seeing and hearing things which are not real. These wrong assumptions by brain leads to wrong doing that a person wouldn't do in normal circumstances. A drug abuser literally has no correct observation and control over his body. Drugs can make your heart beat faster which leads to unstable respiratory functioning and even causes heart problems. Drugs affect the way how you see, hear, think, move, eat and even react to different situations.


But still it's possible to solve these issues with some medications and meditation. A person must get completely out of reach of drug abuse and for that medicines can be beneficial, with a healthy diet. Along with these, when one shifts to fit and healthy routine, his body gets repaired slowly although it will take some time to heal completely. Meditation works on whole of your body at this time. A person who meditates regularly gets a better control over his mind and has a strong positive feeling called willpower. Meditation stablizes a body physically as the person's respiratory functioning gets stabilised and it improves further with exercises. Meditation ensures mental health as psychologically a person starts believing the brighter and positive sides instead of indulging in negativity. This change is minor at the start but increases with time and practice, this is approximately of seven days and a greater change can be experienced within a meditating body. Meditation also varies from person to person if you body is badly damaged by the drugs it will take time to heal, may be fifteen to thirty days but once a person meditates regularly they wouldn't need medications and can stay healthy forever.


Under the guidance of Saint Dr Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan, Dera Sacha Sauda is working since 1948 to uproot the problems arising within this world, for a better future and everyone's wellbeing. It takes a lot more than money to do welfare, it's a positive mindset and a willingness to do welfare unconditionally, without taking anything in return. They were, they are and will keep on working till the very end of this world for a better present and the best possible future.